Full Gospel Business Is Our Business

It is not only the business of making money, it is the business of God - the Full Gospel - that sets us apart in Winnipeg. We are focused on the success of our families. We are focused on the success of our business. We are focused on the success of our co-workers and our employees. Most of all, we are focued on God! More »

The Winnipeg Are Caring Men

The Winnipeg Full Gospel Business Men\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Fellowship are caring men from all walks of life! We care about our families. We care about our business. We care about our church. We care about our friends. More »

The Fellowship...Local, National and International

Yes, we are about strengthening men. But men have families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers! The Winnipeg FGBMF in Canada members love to fellowship and share the goodness of the Lord! And...we do it in our towns, cities, countries and world! More »

The Ladies Of The Fellowship

A growing number of our FGBMF Chapters have Ladies of the Fellowship meetings also! Where would us men be without the blessed fellowship of the women who stand with us. More »

The Spirit of The Winnipeg Full Gospel Business Men is The Holy Spirit

We rejoice that the Holy Spirit leads us across countries, and across seas, and around the world, so that we can be at the right place to fellowship with YOU! More »



Our Program for the first quarter of Year 2020 is as shown bellow. Our Outreach Dinner events are scheduled for:

  1. Saturday January 25, 2020

  2. Saturday February 29, 2020

  3. Saturday March 28 2020


FGB THEWINNIPEG – Dinner Outreach on Saturday, November 23, 2019

You are all invited to our Monthly Outreach meeting.


An exciting event has been planned for this Saturday. A brother who immigrated recently to Canada has been a full member of FGBMFI in Nigeria since 1995. Being a Chapter president at various times in the past 15 years he was instrumental in reviving ailing Chapters in Nigeria and was also involved in Airlifting Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship to other Countries in Africa. He is eager to employ the same methods that were used in rebuilding the ailing Chapters in Nigeria to THEWinnipeg Chapter. Everyone is encouraged to come and participate in these leadership training sessions which will “kick start” new, reinvigorated Full Gospel Chapters in Winnipeg. The training is for everyone. As our Lord Jesus Christ told us in the parable of the Talents, (Matthews 25:14-30), the talents were given “to each according to his own ability”. This leadership training will enable those talents lying dormant in you, which God has given you, for a leadership role in FGB THEWinnipeg and perhaps elsewhere as well. There are so many leadership opportunities as outlined on Page 5 of “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Canada – Chapter Manual”. This training will benefit everybody, not just current leaders. We highly encouraged you to come – bring your friends – and invite those who have not been attending THEWinnipeg events to come. Our October Newsletter (below) has in-depth information!









































FGB THEWinnipeg Presenting “Kingdom Ambassadors” & Prayer Rally


























Praise the Lord for the wonderful prayer time we had on our August prayer meeting! Due to overwhelming support for more prayer meetings like this, we have planed to have another prayer rally combined with a Discipleship training program. On September 26th, 2019, we are doing a presentation on “Kingdom Ambassadors in the Marketplace”. Invite a your friends and bring your prayer needs! Expect the Holy Spirit to bring “Full Gospel” signs and wonders.



TheWinnipeg Music/Testimony/Prayer Meeting for May 25, 2019

FGB TheWinnipeg Testimony/Prayer Meeting for April 27, 2019

FGB THEWINNipeg General Breakfast Meeting on Saturday March 23, 2019

FGB THEWinnipeg General Breakfast Meeting on Saturday, February 23, 2019

We are very excited about the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship Breakfast meeting lineup of speakers for the next three months. God has provided us with three great speakers that will give their testimonies for the months of February, March and April. The New Creation Gospel Singers will be leading our praise and worship. Please endeavor to bring a friend or invite someone. Bring your family including  youths. This is an opportunity for them to hear the gospel in an informal, non-church environment. Men and women are all welcome.


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