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New Feature – Seminars/Training Materials

Download Bible Study, Training/Seminar Material.

No. Material PDF MS PowerPoint
01 Study on Spirit, Soul and Body View/Download
02 The New Creation Man View/Download
03 A New Wave of Holiness View/Download
04 Commitment To The Vision View/Download

Say Saturday

Say Saturday

We invite You to Say Saturday with The Winnipeg, October 18.
Say Saturday is a testimony meeting, where two or three will share their testimony of Why Jesus.
We have two men sharing at our upcoming meeting, one of whom is Ben Funk. Ben says, “Life has a way of maturing us. Through that process we become less reactionary and more reflective when faced with the obstacles that complicate life.”
Through this, Ben has begun to understand the mystery of why living life for God and by His principles, makes sense! As you listen to Ben, you may find the secret to greater Joy and Peace.
We are also promised a mini testimony from another presenter.
Jason Foster will be leading worship.

Say Saturday: a breakfast meeting of The Winnipeg chapter, FGBMF in Canada
at: Canad Inns Destination Centre Windsor Park
1034 Elizabeth Road at Lagimodière Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2J 1B3, Canada

Date: Saturday, October 18, 2014
Time: 9am
Room: Ambassador E
No door charge. please consider a minimum donation of $5 or $10 to help us defray our costs.
You can choose the breakfast buffet: $9.99 adult, $7.99 senior rate, coffee $2.59, plus taxes and gratuity.

Downloadable pdf of this announcement  Meeting invite for Oct 18 2014


Changed ABOUT page

We have made a change to the ABOUT page.  Many years ago, Demos Shakarian spoke about the Vision he received from God when he was ready to give up on the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International.  At that time, the fellowship was turning one year old and the meagre level of support was draining away; but God was encountering more than just Demos to share His vision for FGBMFI.

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