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Is it Time to Restart?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is 2000 years old. It is a solid ship and the message has not changed over the years, has it?

Well, yes, the church has changed the message over time, and elements have been missed. Elements which are plain to all who will study scripture. For instance, for most of those years, what is known as the western church has espoused a replacement theology, where it is taught that the Church replaced the nation of Israel in God’s redemptive plan. A careful reading of Romans chapter 11 shows that we need to be cautious of this doctrine. The church in Asia does not hold to this doctrine. The eastern orthodox church does not hold to this doctrine. So this is an example of how the message has changed, not because it was the true message, but because it was a doctrine of men.

Another example of a changed doctrine is that it is the clergy that is responsible for leading men to Christ. Now there has always been a leadership that we might class “professional” in that they were supported by the church for their leadership, for their role in teaching the church. And there has always been a “laity,” people who were not supported financially by the church. And there are always those in between! But Paul also makes it clear that every one in the church has a ministry – evangelists, teachers, preachers, helpers, administrators and so on can all be lay people! They can all be anointed for service by the local church. And they can all have the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do those ministries.

That is where FGBMFI comes in. We help men (and women) to do the work of the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit. We help men to be alive to God, working with God, loving God and seeking His glory, not our own.

It has been observed that the upcoming generation is one that does not commit easily. They just don’t understand organizations. So it is incumbent on the FGBMFI to reach them. To show them how to receive the power of God in their lives. To train them to witness in the power of the Holy Spirit, showing his love, and seeking His glory.

So we need to rethink the emphasis on a monthly outreach meeting, and maybe get back to special banquets to win men and see them baptized in the Spirit, with special training seminars to show men how to work in the power of the Spirit. We had training sessions with Mac Dumcum previously, we have had Gord Williams speak to us in previous years, and we have had special banquets in the past. So monthly fellowship meetings are okay, but they do not do the work of the chapter by themselves.

So maybe it is time to rethink – and restart.

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