Monthly Archives: June 2014

News about the Chapter

We are working on some things for the chapter:

1. We are transcribing the audio of Jason Foster’s testimony, and will submit it to Our Canadian Voice.

2. We will post the audio on the website, and ask you to check if it is working on your device. It was recorded on a smartphone in the .amr format, and we are not sure how it will play with the website.

3. We are planning a Google Hangout on air. This is a hangout where ten people can participate through Google plus, and the rest of the world can listen through Youtube. We have some technical difficulties to overcome before we can mount this for you.

4. We are planning our next meeting for August some time. Please keep tuned.

God bless you as you seek to know and follow Him. We have our Testimony page on this site, with audio and/or video testimonies of our recent speakers. If you want to know about what Jesus can do with your life, this is a valuble place to look – and listen.

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