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Have you read the latest? Our Canadian Voice!

The September Issue of Our Canadian Voice is now out, but many of our members and adherents have not even heard of this publication. For this reason, we have uploaded it to our website. It is available in two different formats:

Microsoft Word .doc  (can also be read on OpenOffice Writer or Libre Office Writer)

Newsletter Sept. 2014 – Copy


Adobe Acrobat reader/ .pdf

Newsletter Sept. 2014 – Copy

Breakfast Meeting this Saturday (Sept. 20, 2014)

Our first breakfast seminar of the fall will be happening at Canad Inns Destination Centre Windsor Park. 1034 Elizabeth Road Winnipeg, MB R2J 1B3. The time is set for 9 am in Aaltos Restaurant, and each person orders their own food or enjoys the buffet breakfast. There is no admission cost for the seminar, but a freewill offering will be taken if you wish to donate to the Chapter.

The speaker will be David Antle, a trucker and a son of a trucker. David came up from the ruins, so to speak. He had spent his life using drugs and alcohol, and his marriage was “on the rocks.”  His parents “prayed through” for him, and now his life is on the solid rock, Jesus Christ.

We have previously heard from David’s father, Nelson Antle, so it will be especially rewarding to hear “the rest of the story.”

Announcing The 37th FGBMF in Canada (2014) National Convention

The 37th FGBMF in Canada (2014) National Convention is coming November 6, 7 and 8 in Toronto.

2014FGNC-DigitalBrochure-R2 is the revised brochure, for any that would like to attend the convention.  Sir, come and bring your wife as well.


Khoo Oon Theam
National President of FGB Gatekeepers Singapore
Chairman of the FGB-BMF Asian Council

Dr. Hugo S K Chan
Chairman of A R Evans Technology Partners Ltd.,
(Company focusing on technology co-operation between China, Hong Kong and Israel)
Chairman of Asia Wealth Partners
(Wealth management company focusing on the Greater China market}

Dudley Perio
Oil rig engineer well known in the Texas oil fields for his designs, technology and inventions.
Dudley’s God-given inventions are revolutionizing the gas and oil field industry around the world.
During 2012 alone, he patented over fifty technology and equipment designs.
His development of a drilling fluid that permits drills to bore 5 times faster, is currently licensed to China and other entities.
While Dudley ministers in God’s presence and love, glorious supernatural miracles prevail – healings, transformed lives and creative miracles are very common.

Jeff Edwards
Jeff Edwards’ life has been marked by encounters with drugs, alcohol, running with the wrong crowd, trouble with the law, and… divine appointments of God, including a supernatural encounter with an angel that would ultimately change his life forever.
After several successful business adventures, including the operation and management of his own furniture company in five states,
Jeff had a divine appointment with the ministry of Dr. Jerry Savelle where he became General Manager of the ministry, working with offices in several nations.
Today, Jeff serves as National Office Manager for FGBMF in Canada.

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