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An exciting event has been planned for this Saturday. A brother who immigrated recently to Canada has been a full member of FGBMFI in Nigeria since 1995. Being a Chapter president at various times in the past 15 years he was instrumental in reviving ailing Chapters in Nigeria and was also involved in Airlifting Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship to other Countries in Africa. He is eager to employ the same methods that were used in rebuilding the ailing Chapters in Nigeria to THEWinnipeg Chapter. Everyone is encouraged to come and participate in these leadership training sessions which will “kick start” new, reinvigorated Full Gospel Chapters in Winnipeg. The training is for everyone. As our Lord Jesus Christ told us in the parable of the Talents, (Matthews 25:14-30), the talents were given “to each according to his own ability”. This leadership training will enable those talents lying dormant in you, which God has given you, for a leadership role in FGB THEWinnipeg and perhaps elsewhere as well. There are so many leadership opportunities as outlined on Page 5 of “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship in Canada – Chapter Manual”. This training will benefit everybody, not just current leaders. We highly encouraged you to come – bring your friends – and invite those who have not been attending THEWinnipeg events to come. Our October Newsletter (below) has in-depth information!









































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