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Jason Foster in 2012Breakfast meeting on May 24th.

Jason Foster will be our worship leader and guest testimony on May 24. Jason is from the Rock, i.e. Newfoundland. He has lived previously in Ignace, Ontario, and more recently in Alberta. His company, Integrity Interiors, does “all sorts of” interior finishing and renovations. Jason is on fire for the Lord.
We are fortunate to have him lead us in worship as well. If you have been to Floodgates Worship Centre where he is on the worship rotation, you may have seen him lead worship.
His testimony is of increasing faith. As a small group leader, he and his wife Sylvia have touched us through their choices of video teaching sessions from John Bevere and Jesse Duplantis. They have a faith for increase that is real.
You will want to bring your friends, saved or unsaved.

Barbecue Season was Coming, but it is passing us by.

It’s been too cool for a barbecue in May, and even if it warms up, the member with the barbecue deck is losing it because they are doing some major foundation work. Thank you, Peter, for hosting a members and friends barbeque in previous years.


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