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It’s 2015

Well, we had some rough and tough times during 2014. We were short-staffed in the Executive3 department. The chapter kept functioning at a reduced level. We missed that all-important time of regular prayer once a month. Frankly, it could have gone better, and it wasn’t for lack of trying. But out of it, we have a full executive and we are working to overcome the issues of last year.

I’m glad you’re with us and praying for us. Keep bringing your friends out to our meetings. Keep telling your story of how Jesus has impacted your life. Talking about stories, we are focusing on the your personal testimony at …

Say-it Saturday
Saturday, 17 January

Just look under the Say-it Saturday tab at the top of the page! You’ll see the full announcement, and even a link to a pdf you can print off and pass on to a friend, or to your church group or bulletin board.

2014 Highlights

It’s was too cool for a barbecue in May, and even when it warmed up, the member with the barbecue deck had lost the use of it because they were doing some major foundation work!

But you held your hat, and came out to a …

Breakfast meeting on May 24th.

Jason Foster in 2012

Jason Foster was our worship leader and guest testimony on May 24

We had Jason Foster give his testimony and lead us in music. Jason is from the Rock, i.e. Newfoundland. He has lived previously in Ignace, Ontario, and more recently in Alberta. His company, Integrity Interiors, does “all sorts of” interior finishing and renovations. Jason is on fire for the Lord.

We were fortunate to have him lead us in worship as well. (And now Jason has joined the chapter and is serving on our executive for 2015)

His testimony is of increasing faith. While they were small group leaders at Floodgates Worship Centre, he and his wife Sylvia touched people through their choices of video teaching sessions from John Bevere and Jesse Duplantis. They have a faith for increase that is real. 

Here’s what has already gone by, this year:

March 15, 2014, breakfast at CanadInn Destination Centre Windsor Park

Our monthly breakfast featured the testimony of Ladi Aregbesola.
Ladi is a Nigerian-Canadian and a member of Immanuel Pentacostal Church. His testimony was combined with an exhortation from the heart, “The Time is short; Jesus is coming soon!”


Our Previous Meeting: February 22, 2014

Did you join us at the Canad Inns Destination Centre Windsor Park at 9 am, February 22, 2014

We met in AALTOS Garden Café, and brunched on the breakfast buffet. Worship was led by Geoffrey Oramasionwu using worship videos; This was followed by an open mic session. Alan Campbell of Refuge Ministries Canada (London, ON) was on hand, accompanied by his local host, Nelson Antle, who is preparing for prison ministry. Nelson has for many years played guitar as part of the musical group Flames of Fire; this group has been in prison ministry in the past. Some of us have known Nelson  but it was his first time out to Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.

Members and followers breakfast at Peter and Doreen Letkeman’s house.
Saturday, January 18, 2014

9 am. The food was free

Followed by instruction on footwashing, with the actual practice of the same. Communion. Testimonies. prayer for direction for the chapter. Breakthrough of the Holy Spirit.

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